New Garage


Are you finally ready for that new garage or shop you have been dreaming of.  Well now is the time to give Brad Ashby Construction of Coos Bay Oregon a call.

More than likely you have never hired someone to build a garage for you, odds are this will be the first and last time you go through this process so it’s best to find a construction company that is experienced and knowledgeable to help you along the way so that you make the right choices the first time around.

Most home owners are not familiar with garage construction and will have many questions they need answered before they are ready to move forward on such a big investment.

New Construction Garage

Such as what size garage can I build on my property, what are the best materials for my budget, should I build an attached or detached garage , how long will the construction take ,  is there a warranty and can the structure be built to match my home.

Of course building a new garage adds value as well as beauty to your property and we believe that the construction of your garage should stand the test of time, and reflect Brad Ashby Construction’s commitment to quality and integrity .

Here at Brad Ashby Construction we can help you determine what will best suite your needs and pocketbook  , while making your new shop or new garage dreams come true, so give us a call at  541- 260-7220 today for a free estimate !