Painting is perhaps one of the best choices a property owner can make when deciding where to invest money in a home or building’s maintenance budget.

A new coat of paint on a home or business can increase curb appeal and protect your most valuable asset for years to come.

Here at Brad Ashby Construction we have the experience to paint your home or business,interior or exterior and complete the project in a timely manner and with absolute attention to detail and craftsmanship!

As a painting contractor here in Coos Bay Oregon,Brad Ashby Construction understands that here in the Pacific North West,keeping a good coat of paint on your home or building is not simply a good idea it’s an absolute necessity!New Garage

With the high level of precipitation and humidity that we experience here in Coos County and the Southern Oregon Coast, a good coat of paint is the only thing protecting your wood structure.

Weathering from water erosion , the suns radiation , wind and debris also take a toll on wood and if wood is not protected by paint or stain, the weathering process slowly breaks down the exposed surfaces and creates the need for costly repairs over time.

As a general contractor for the State of Oregon , Brad Ashby Construction has experience in all type of painting projects , whether it be commercial or residential , wood, concrete or steel surfaces, rest assured our crew has what it takes to to give your property the attention it deserves !

So if you have a home , industrial building, condominium ,apartment building, or you just need your barn or garage painted give us a call today at 541-260-7220 for a free estimate on your next painting project. We will come by and take the time to go over your options and your budget during our initial project consultation.