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When it comes to windows and doors , proper installation is critical. Whether its new construction or replacing windows and doors in an existing structure Brad Ashby Construction has the experience and the expertise to make sure its done right the first time.

Unfortunately poorly installed windows and doors  are quite common in the construction industry ,in fact the number one problem in new residential construction in North America is poor window and door installation.

This statistic was part of  a survey of professional engineers involved in new home inspections ,the survey found that almost one quarter of new home complaints involved poorly installed windows and doors.

Your see your home of business structure is like a box , and every time you install a door or window your cutting a giant hole in an otherwise solid structure , so you better be sure the contractor your using is knowledgeable and skilled in what they are doing , otherwise you can have problems down the

At Brad Ashby Construction we always pay attention to details  and we realize the tremendous importance of proper flashing around window and door installations to ensure that water and moisture are properly directed away from the opening.

During Installation we always visualize how moisture will run down the surfaces and we try to make sure that the rain and moisture will always be directed away from the framing and sheathing of the house.

So make sure Brad Ashby Construction is your first choice for window and door installations and you can rest assured that not only the highest quality in craftsmanship and materials are used but your property will be able withstand the heavy rain and wind that we experience here in Coos Bay Oregon and the Southern Oregon Coast.

Give us a call today at 541-260-7220 and let us come out to give you a free estimate on your next door or window installation , repair or maintenance project.